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Three score and fifteen years ago our fathers brought forth, in this world, and because of soldiers from this continent, a new order, conceived by liberty and fairness and dedicated to the proposition that all citizens are created equal.

From the battlefields of Normandy, Iwo Jima, the Bulge and Saipan rose forth a new America – a Nation to lead the world in freedoms, openness, liberty and thinking; a Nation that was the envy of all, the warring enemy of few, but protecting, as we could, the weak from the stronger around the globe.

Now we are engaged in another great war – among the greatest wars humankind has ever encountered - against an enemy so small that billions of its particles can fit on the head of a pin. This war against what we cannot see is testing whether this nation, or any nation so born, can endure. We meet now, all of us, on the great battlefields that are, today, our homes, nursing homes, hospitals, and care units – to dedicate our souls, intensities, and desire for self- preservation – to first surviving the war, and then stamping out the microscopic enemy – through common sense, self-awareness and humility realizing, in that humility, that what we do not know must be advised to us by those that do know. And we must listen.

Some of the brave who have cared for others – the sick, aged, infirm and dying – have given their lives so that others might live. And if you or yours are not among those that have sacrificed – God bless you and all you touch. The world will little note who they were, or who you are for that matter, nor will they remember the words we say, that which we write, or the lawn signs in our yards when these days of war are days of yore.

But it is for us that live on to dedicate our lives to their unfinished work by being smart, not selfish, in what we support, what we say, and what we pay, and pray, for. It is a great task to which we are dedicated – that from those millions who have died from an unsuspected, invisible enemy – we learn, prosper and grow again – this nation, under God; indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Vote Americans – for God’s sake vote. And do your part for a new birth of a government of the people, for the people and by the people, that will never perish from the earth.

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