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A Christmas of Isn’ts

A tower of brass isn’t

A choir of thousands isn’t

Both were the year that was

Good grief Beethoven’s 250

Toledo’s Blade isn’t sure

His music will last.

It isn’t so – is it?

The noise in the schools isn’t

The zoom that wasn’t is

The learning – maybe in the year that was –now isn’t?

The church that wasn’t is

The church that was, isn’t

The advent hymn isn’t


Covid is: some say it isn’t

Priorities past gave remediation that wasn’t

Vaccine that wasn’t

But now may be

Leadership – at all levels isn’t

Peale, it wasn’t

Will they, and he be the year that was?

We all know that lasting, this isn’t

Coming may be leadership that wasn’t,

Honor and decency that wasn’t

Again may return

After the year that was

And in the immortal words of someone

So anonymous he nearly wasn’t

All passes; Art alone endures

The God that we thought wasn’t

Will help us rise again –

Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

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