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Dear Reader: It’s time to clean house.

Some in the media are suggesting that Ohioans have gone brain dead. I’d guess they might be right given the selection of J. D. Vance as the Republican candidate for Senate.

Some of his more brilliant stupidities can be found in the items below:

Ohioans aren’t brain dead; neither are all Ohio Republicans - but you can’t prove it by the 32% that voted for Vance in the primary.

It's time to clean house - we need to go to Columbus and throw the bums out - all of them. Start with Mike DeWine and his merry men - Dave Yost and Frank LaRose - but then go to the Senate and the House. Send them all back to their first loves - selling hot dogs, growing weed, whatever it might be.

I thank reader Barbara Eikost for the selections below - readers please send me more. The Vance brigade has to be stopped.

Photo by Jose M on Unsplash

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