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Modeling The Lungs Of A Covid Patient

In back is a 3-D model of a healthy lung in a model made in the 3-D lab of Douglas Neckers. In front is the 3-D model of a human lung after a COVID-19 infection. P-J photo by Eric Tichy

This op-ed was originally published in The Post Journal and can be found here.

I tried to argue with a couple of Bemus Point business friends about dangers from the corona-19 virus, to no avail.

Knowing that pictures are worth more than words and pictures of 3-d assemblies better yet, below are CT scans, printed in my labs with 3-d printing, from the data of the lungs of a Covid patient.

The comparison is with good lungs. I have several other examples. The source was a patient in a small hospital near Toledo (think The Hospital by Brian Alexander) and the patient had come there from a nearby nursing home. The decay on one lung is almost complete.

Recovery from that Covid thing? Probably better not to get it in the first place.

If you haven’t been vaccinated, make work of doing so. 91,000,000 Americans are now in areas where the delta mutation of the virus is growing rapidly.

Douglas Neckers is an organic chemist, the McMaster distinguished professor emeritus and the founder of the Center for Photochemical Sciences at Bowling Green State University. Follow his website, Science in 3D, at He is a Clymer native.

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