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The New York Times: Tucker, Thiel and Trump: How J.D. Vance Won in Ohio

The following comment is in response to a recent NYT article, available here.

Can you believe this?

Congratulations Bob Latta, Jim Jordan, and the other Ohio Republicans trying to steal elections from the wills of the voters by gerrymandering the districts. If taking on a distinguished American congresswoman with a right-wing fool is what you see as your right, you guys did that in spades. And see what your endorsements counted for - not a thing. America needs a 2 party system - not one party twisting things to control everything. Maybe this lesson will bring the Republican party I knew when young back again.

This guy's emergence reflects on Mike DeWine as well. We need competence in the Governor's office. Maybe the stupidity of the 9th district will bring us another woman in a high place in government.

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